Emergency Services
(Dial 911)

Sanilac County Sheriff

Michigan State Police

Fire Department

MMR Ambulance


Zoning Administrator     

Chuck VanErp

6993 Bay City Forestville Road
Cass City, MI  48726
(989) 980-4579



Planning Commission Chairman
Jerry Cleland
7876 Germania Road
Ubly, MI  48475
(989) 658-8767


Planning Commission Members
Angela Summers - Secretary
Ken Brown
Gregg Guza
Ken Osentoski
Vicky Sherry


FIOA Coordinator


Board of Review Chairman
(check back for updated info)


Board of Review Members
Kennedy Brown
Bernadette Cain
Chuck VanErp


Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman
Kirt Peruski
4415 Holbrook Road
Ubly, MI 48475
(989) 551-7743


Zoning Board of Appeals Members
Gregg Guza
Randy Schuette


Connie Lipka

Excel Appraisals



Sanilac County Road Commission
Rob Falls
35 N Flynn Street
Sandusky, MI  48471
 (810) 648-2185


Shabonna Garage
4087 N Decker Road
Decker, MI 48426
(810) 404-7902


Sanilac County Clerk
Denise McGuire
 (810) 648-3212

Sanilac County Treasurer
Trudy Nicol
 (810) 648-2155